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My name is Barbara Eaton, and I am the creator of  the The Living Sky. With 40 years of practical experience as a humanistic astrologer, I offer guidance and discussion for living in harmony with the energies and forces of the cosmos through astrology.

The sky is alive with cosmic markers that echo the intentions and forces of Divine Source Energy. By aligning our activities with these cycles, we can be more effective as we work with the energies rather than against them.  Awareness of cosmic cycles can improve your business and personal endeavors or simply give you a greater awareness of your unique spiritual path.

I have been an avid student of psychology, metaphysics, spiritual philosophies, and I hold a Master’s Degree in Education. My specialties are relationship astrology and electional astrology (choosing the best dates for important events.)  For more information choose “fees and services” or “contact me” or contact me at 330-283-0279 or e-mail at eatonbee@gmail.com or by adding a comment to any post here.


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  1. Id like information on chart services, I really like your blog style. Thank-you for your contribution to my understanding astrology. Do you have experience with interceptions? Not many do and I’ve been trying to deal with a major interception of the nodes sun mars and two oversized houses aries libra and a Venus that is loosely aspecting Jupiter only. My vitals….. Debra born in Gassaway WV 1:15pm on Dec 28, 1963.


    • Hello Debra,

      Thank you for your interest and kind words.

      I do not feel that I have any special expertise with or deep insight about intercepted houses. Logically it would seem that in this situation there will be two houses on each side of the chart that have the same sign on the cusp and therefore the same house ruler. It would follow that the areas of life signified by the two adjacent houses with the same ruler will often be merged in one’s life and when the house ruler is activated by transit then the affairs of both of those houses will be impacted. As for the intercepted signs, I have little to offer. Do you find that these signs in your chart that find difficult expression? Or the planets in those intercepted signs somehow are not expressed?

      I charge $150. for an in depth natal chart reading looking at a year ahead of transits and progressions if done long distance since it involves a good deal of writing. If it can be done in person only $100. I always give a follow -up for free (about 15-20 minutes) if the client has a few questions after reading/hearing my interpretations which can be done by phone or e-mail. My philosophy is very oriented toward finding and navigating one’s unique spiritual path.

      Barb Eaton


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