Saturn comes to the Galactic Center in late February.

The Galactic Center, or GC, is a point at the center of our galaxy where there is a huge, intensely powerful Black Hole that emits enormous amounts of radio and other frequencies.

It falls at 27 Sagittarius and remains a very fixed point barely moving a degree over my lifetime.  Since astrologers have not been watching this point but for a couple of decades, there is little accepted doctrine about its meaning.

Recently Astrodienst posted an excellent article by Mandi Lockley that illustrated that “whistleblowers” almost always have a planet or significant chart feature at the GC. You can access  this article here:

Other astrologers have offered some additional insights about the GC, but I am not going to elaborate on those here. What I do want to point out is that transiting Saturn will make an exact conjunction to the GC in late February 2017.   My own view on transits maintains that the influence of the transiting planet is felt before the conjunction is exact. Therefore, if there is a Saturn/GC influence, we have been experiencing it for at least two or three months while Saturn has been within 5 degrees of  26 Sagittarius.

Have we seen a greater effort to squash and inhibit “whistleblowing?”  Has there been a greater effort on the part of whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing?

Chelsea Manning has had her sentence commuted with this transit, and there has been a great deal of attention being paid to “leaks” of all kinds.



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