Orcus, Pallas and Neptune and political activism.

I have been posting here about the USA Orcus return and how I see that as marker for the political changes and the upheavals that are happening in my home country of the USA. I had an article published at the website blog of The Mountain Astrologer last April about this which you can read here:


Here in the USA people are engaging in political activism like never before. The planetary energies that have contributed to the social and economic factors that brought on great disillusionment and frustration are certainly those of the outer slower moving planets. In recent years those include transiting Pluto opposing the USA Sun, Mars, and Venus while transiting Saturn has squared them. Saturn is now making a square to the USA Midheaven, Neptune, and Black Moon.  Also, the long transiting square of Uranus to Pluto over the past decade has marked a time of great frustration and desire for change.

But very recently we had a burst of political activism, certainly catalyzed by the recent  presidential election that occurred exactly with the USA Orcus return. I suggest that a close opposition of Pallas and Orcus may be at work now and over the last month.

Pallas is an asteroid  and therefore its influence will be less profound and of less duration than that of Orcus which falls in a class called Plutinos or minor planets.  It moves quickly through the signs staying only a few months in each sign.  In natal charts I have found Pallas  to be associated with political activism or advocacy work. I have not seen a prominent Pallas often in the charts of politicians in formal roles as elected officials or those who hold other powerful positions in institutions; but rather it seems to show up in charts of people who work behind the scenes or from outside the government often advocating for the underdog or the oppressed.

Orcus contributes to implacability, a fierce and often merciless determination to achieve its ends. Jeremy Neal has written about it in his seminal book Orcus as a force, that like Pluto, is associated with the underworld and with death and regeneration. In some myths, Orcus is an executioner often assigned the task of punishing or destroying the enemy or the ones who have broken oaths.  He is the one appointed to do the deed or execute the strategy that the powerful or the activists have deemed necessary.

This connection to the breaking of oaths is very interesting. Can the oath here be that of the soul’s sacred oath that is determined before it incarnates- that oath being to fulfill a certain spiritual destiny and take on and endure certain challenges or tasks?  Neal feels that Orcus challenges have to do with learning integrity, which is the ability to remain true to one’s principles and moral code.  I suggest that may include being true to our soul’s highest purpose, to that original oath.  Although the dark manifestations of Orcus can bring a blind determination for destroying one’s perceived enemy, it can also manifest in the spiritual transformation through tests of isolation and imprisonment which is the result of acts of moral courage and integrity.  It is a marker for tests that force one to find a core of one’s being and an authentic moral code.  I suspect that the current controversies concerning torture are part of this Orcan influence.

Pallas recently opposed Orcus and came into conjunction with Neptune.  The conjunction to Neptune being exact on January 31, 2017 and the opposition to Orcus on January 27, 2017. The Womens’ March, a remarkable manifestation of activism, was organized just as Orcus made its return to the exact degree and minute in the USA Natal Chart  in November and December of 2016 and also with a recent eclipse degree and the transiting North Node all at 9Virgo.  Pallas was transiting the USA Moon (women?) and was making a sextile to transiting Uranus, a planet of social conscience and collective political undertakings, at that time.

I have been following political news including much of the alternative and independent news outlets as these are the mouthpieces of the most radical elements. This is where many activist movements are often conceived.  Often what shows up in mainstream news or as an actual protest or organized movement had its start a few weeks or months before.  I find it very interesting  that the new Justice Democrats has formalized and gone public exactly with the timing of this Pallas/Orcus/Neptune configuration.

Pallas coming into conjunction with Neptune may also be marking this time of increased involvement in political movements. With transiting Neptune in Pisces, some may be experiencing a greater compassion for those who are not being served well by government policies. While for others this Neptune passage may be causing them to be easily influenced and carried away by their emotions, and causing them to be easily swayed or influenced by certain movements that appeal to sentimentalism or fear. The well-known Neptune trait that is associated with escapism, deception and illusion, and often blind idealism may be assisting the appeal to many social and political extremes. Neptune can be a force for great compassion and service to mankind, but it can also reinforce states of denial and self-deception.

It will be interesting to see if there is another surge of activist activity when Pallas conjoins with transiting Uranus in June of 2017, and perhaps when it again comes into tight aspect with Orcus in 2018 where it will trine Orcus at 10 Taurus.  Neptune will remain in Pisces for years, and its last passage through Neptune occurred in the run-up to the US Civil War. Curiously, many people have voiced that it feels that we are so harshly divided it is as if a civil war may be brewing.


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