Loners: a lighthearted look at loners in all 12 signs.

Astrologers frequently suggest that a certain few signs are prone to being “loners.” If the natal chart shows a predominant influence of Virgo or Pisces or Cancer it can indeed be a strong indication of a need for solitude. But a chart that displays all or most of the planets below the horizon will contribute to this, while a chart strong in those three signs if there are mitigating chart aspects, may not.

I found this list of “Types of Loners” at one of the astrology forums and added a few comments. It rings true and demonstrates that at times most signs feel the need to retreat from society but each sign does it in a its unique way.


Types of Loners
Aries : The pioneer loner. If you can’t keep up with me, I’d rather go it alone. Climbing a mountain or on some other adventure.
Taurus: I-enjoy-my-alone-time-loner. With my feet up, and glass of wine and peace and quiet.
Gemini: Writer loner or artistic hobbyist. Short spurts of withdrawal that don’t last more than a couple of weeks.
Cancer: Homebody loner. Making art or music or cooking.
Leo: Sulking-in-a-cave-loner dreaming of next big commission, business start-up, acting role, or love affair. But it’s temporary.
Virgo: Hermit, naturopath, herbalist loner. Happily taking care of their plants and animals.
Libra: Socially-incapacitated-via-the-birthchart-loner – rare but a few do exist. Often abusing substances until their social life/love life kicks in.
Scorpio : Paranoid loner. Door lock, chain lock, three deadbolts, a front door camera and a peephole.
Sagittarius: A new-intellectual-adventure-every-month- loner. Similar to Aries but more likely to be in a library somewhere or binge-watching Indie flicks.
Capricorn: Old-woman-of-the-mountains- loner. Living off the grid somewhere and/or stockpiling survivalist stuff. Or the entrepreneur loner, building a small fortune from home by day trading or working his Internet business.
Aquarius: Eccentric loner. Inventing something in their lab or garage.
Pisces: Artistic, mystic loner. Writing poetry, meditating, and wondering why they never feel like they “fit in.”


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