More on Orcus.

In my last post I wrote about the U.S. Orcus return that will occur at 9-09 Virgo in December and how I think this is driving the political climate here.

I recently read Jeremy Neal’s excellent text entitled Orcus and can recommend it as a thorough examination of this Plutino’s influence and the history of the mythology of Orcus. He sees Orcus energy as similar to Pluto in that it can make for extremism, implacability, and great strength during difficult life tests. But where Pluto often manifests in the compulsive need to control others and situations, Orcus offers spiritual challenges that manifest around the themes of integrity and authenticity which are created through crises of imprisonment, isolation, and moral dilemmas. These crises challenge us to learn self-control rather than external control. They ask us to become uncompromised in our ethical standards.

As I am watching the upheaval in both political parties, I am seeing that the populace does seem to be very hungry for more “authenticity” from their leaders. There is also an increasing awareness of the lack of integrity and the rampant corruption that is built into the political system. Perhaps this Orcus return, which I believe is well under way, will signify a tipping point in U.S. politics where a critical mass of the electorate will begin to commit themselves to working for true and deep systemic change.


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