Killers and the capacity for violence.

Astrologers commonly correlate the capacity for physical violence with difficult aspects to Mars especially if the aspected planets fall in fixed signs and there are multiple difficult aspects. Pluto, Uranus and Saturn in hard aspect to Mars are what is most commonly thought to predispose one to physical violence, and this is certainly seems to be the case for violent outbursts that erupt suddenly out of anger or frustration. Yet, there are people who commit violent acts in very unemotional ways that are very premeditated. These violent tendencies do not always show up with hard aspects to Mars, Uranus or Pluto.

Is Bill Cosby’s premeditated acts of rape a form of violence? What about Andrea Yates who drowned her four children? Or Charles Manson who didn’t commit the act of murder himself but was able to get his followers to do it for him? Manson’s Mars has no difficult aspects: it is sextile the Sun and Venus, but he has Pluto and the Black Moon on his nodal axis and these two points square Uranus. Cosby also has the Black Moon on a node with Orcus and Venus on the opposite node. His nodes square his Moon/Neptune conjunction. His Mars does make an opposition to Uranus and both planets are in fixed signs. Andrea Yates also has the Black Moon and Orcus on the Nodes, but she also has Mars afflictions with Mars square Uranus and Pluto.

There was a woman here in Ohio a few years back who stalked a pregnant neighbor and murdered her, then performed c-section to get the infant for her own. (This woman’s chart is in the Astrodatabank at Astrodienst under the name of Michelle Bica.) She has no hard aspects to Mars either unless you include a wide conjunction to Orcus, but Pluto and the Moon are on her nodes and the Black Moon is in a t-square with Neptune and the Sun.

I’ve collected charts of many famous serial killers and many do not have hard Mars aspects. Ted Bundy does have Mars and Moon opposite Uranus but not in fixed signs. However, Orcus, the Moon’s nodes and the Black Moon are also in this aspect. His chart really stands out.

Here are a few other serial killers some of whose charts do not display unusually difficult Mars configurations but most have Orcus, the Black Moon and the Moon’s Nodes often tied together with some of the planets associated with violence.

– Peter Sutcliffe has no hard Mars aspects, but Orcus and Uranus fall on the nodes, and the Black Moon on the Ascendant.

-David Berkowitz: Orcus is in a wide conjunction (7 degrees) of Mars making an inconjunct to the Moon and Chiron and the Node.

– John Wayne Gacy: Mars has no aspects to outer planets only a square to Mercury unless you allow an 8 degree orb then it is conjunct Uranus. But Orcus squares the Nodes and Jupiter, the chart ruler. The Black Moon squares his Sun/Moon conjunction.

– Harold Shipman: Mars is conjunct Saturn opposite his Sun and Venus. Orcus is conjunct his Uranus and Moon and opposing the Black Moon.

-Dennis Rader: Mars makes one difficult aspect opposite Pluto.  The Black Moon, however squares his Moon and the nodal axis. Orcus makes an inconjunct to the Moon and the Moon’s nodes.

Another chart that really stands out, although I am not certain if his crimes were the result of spontaneous passion or more premeditated like the serial killers above, is that of Joran van der Sloot. He has a large stellium with Sun, Mars, Venus, Orcus and the Black Moon all making a square to Pluto. His nodes square the Moon and Neptune.

Then there is the chart that may be the most analyzed by astrologers in all of history, that of Adolph Hitler.  He does indeed have Mars in hard aspect to Saturn (squared) and Uranus (inconjunct), and Orcus makes a wide square (by 6 degrees) to his Mars and chart ruler (Venus). His nodes do not seem to be involved in any configuration of importance with Pluto, Orcus, the Black Moon or Saturn, but the nodes square Uranus. His Mars also makes an inconjunct to Uranus.  Although these indicators do point to some very tense internal conflicts, his chart does not immediately jump out as one that would indicate a capacity for premeditated violence on  such a grand scale.

It appears that Orcus and the Black Moon may be indicators when tied to Pluto, Mars, the Moon, or the Moon’s Nodes. I am just beginning to use parallels, contra-parallels, and out-of-bounds planets in my chart interpretation, so I may have some additional insights to post on this topic at a later date.

Also, we can be certain that there were other persons born at the same times and places as these killers who did not commit murder. This fact reminds us that astrology does not trump all other forces that act upon human beings, nor does it negate our free will. It is likely that these killers may have manifested completely different life experiences had they found the supportive emotional and spiritual relationships needed to help them express these powerful energies in healthier ways.


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