Saturn in Sagittarius has started a serious debate about humor, free speech and religious tolerance.

When major planets change signs astrologers always expect a change in the mood of the collective, cultural trends, consumer preferences, and even flowering of certain endeavors or sectors of business, science or the arts that relate to the zodiacal sign.The slower the planet, the longer it stays in a sign and the deeper will be its influence on the zeitgeist. Saturn has just entered Sagittarius after a two and a half year passage in Scorpio. It is not one of the slowest planets, but nevertheless, this new transit will bring in some changes. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and the sage, but it is a sign that really enjoys humor. I often see the sign of Sagittarius prominent in the charts of political satirists and humorists.  Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert both have Saggy prominent in their birth charts. Mark Twain, the American master of political humor, was a Sagittarius. Scorpio is a very serious and introspective sign, whereas Saggy has a lightness and a great desire for fun. Sagittarius also is associated with publishing, higher education, and the higher courts. Most Sagittarians are masters of satire, and nobody does sarcasm with as much bite as this Centaur. Saturn usually acts as a constricting or limiting influence, forcing us to be more responsible and more focused. And suddenly, we are having a global debate about the appropriateness or desirability of poking fun at religions we don’t particularly like, and if there might boundaries we should not cross with our sarcasm and satire. This seems like a very obvious manifestation of Saturn’s influence in this sign.


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