Triple fire, triple air? Where are you?

I have been compiling charts of well known people who are “triple” of each of the four elements to use in my astrology classes. These would be individuals who have their Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the same element and have some degree of public notoriety.

I have found two very good examples of Triple Water Signs. One is Joni Mitchell, and another is the astrologer Mark Husson.  Both are great examples of the best expression of the water element.

I have found two Triple Earth Signs. One is Dolly Parton who exemplifies the shrewd business acumen associated with earth. She has a strong fifth house in her natal chart that would give a creative drive in an artistic direction.  Another is Brian Epstein who was the manager of The Beatles. His birth time is not well documented, but his life would be exemplary of the tendency for heavy earth sign persons to work behind the scenes in service to another’s creative vision.

I have yet to find a Triple Fire or Triple Air. If you can help me locate some, that would be very helpful.  I am finding many charts that are heavy in these elements but none that have the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Air or Fire. Feel free to comment here.


6 thoughts on “Triple fire, triple air? Where are you?

  1. Jackie O, JFK’s wife, was a Leo with a Leo ASC and an Aries Moon (triple fire). I know this because I have the same sun, moon, ascendent as her, and have been compared to her physically quite frequently by elderly people I serve at restaurants. I have ten aspects in fire, including Venus, Mars, and Midheaven. I find it, weirdly, incredible difficult to get along with others who are dominated by fire, but find myself in all sorts of close relationships, professional and personal, of triple varieties of all the other elements.


  2. Perhaps you’re right, and I got it confused with her Midheaven, which is in fire. I can go check my notebooks too for you, I have some page there where I also collected the triples I found.


  3. Hello. I’m a triple air sign. Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon, Gemini rising. Mars, Uranus and part of Fortune all in Aquarius. North node and Chiron in Libra. Hello again 🙂


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