Jian Ghomeshi: In the intense heat of astrological transits.

This week we heard that Canadian Broadcasting Company had fired popular radio host Jian Ghomeshi over accusations of sexual abuse and harassment. Just three days later it was announced that Ghomeshi is suing CBC for $ 55 million. Mr. Ghomeshi’s father passed away in early October of this year adding to this time of crisis.

For the past few weeks, Mr. Ghomeshi’s natal chart has been a hotbed of difficult transits. I do not have possession of a documented birth time, but the birth data I do have is June 9, 1967 in London, England. The link below for a natal horoscope is cast for this date showing a birth time 10 pm which claims to be a rectified time. That chart shows the Ascendant at 28 Sagittarius.


In either case the birth chart shows the Sun square to Pluto and Uranus, and Sun trine Mars: all aspects that indicate willfulness, strong power drives, and a domineering personality. If we use the 10 p.m. birth time, we see a very complex T-cross which would be a sure indicator of difficulty in his relationships with women. In this complex, the conjunction of the Moon and Mercury in Cancer is squared on two sides; it is squared on one side by Mars in Libra and on the other side by Saturn, Eros, and the Black Moon in Aries. Usually, individuals with such a T-square involving the Moon have deep emotional wounds, and the relationship with the early nurturers is implicated. If he was born earlier in the day the Moon would be in Gemini with a square to both Pluto and Uranus. In either case, the Moon is very stressed.

The hard aspects of Mars and Saturn in a man’s chart often indicate an appetite for BDSM which he has been very open about. In a T-cross with the Moon, it would add significant tension. It is curious that Orcus falls on his Mercury, which I suspect may be the chart ruler or Midheaven ruler, and Ixion falls on his nodal Axis.

Transiting Pluto has been opposing his Mercury. Uranus has been in opposition to his Mars which is one end of the difficult T-cross. Transiting Saturn is sitting right on his Neptune. He is clearly experiencing a barrage of difficult transits.

Most notable about the timing of these extreme events are the two eclipses that occurred earlier in the month. The first one was the Full Moon eclipse on October 9 at 15 Libra, exactly opposing his Saturn (and opposing Eros and Black Moon) in Aries in the eighth house and 6 degrees to exact conjunction to his Mars, and squaring natal Mercury and Moon. The textbook interpretation of a Full Moon is that something is revealed and secrets come out. It has been reported that the management at CBC was hearing and investigating the allegations during this Full Moon with the cooperation of Mr. Ghomeshi. On October 23, there was a New Moon eclipse at 0 Scorpio falling on his south node and squaring his natal Venus and Jupiter. On top of all of this, transiting Mars has entered the T-cross by opposing his Moon. The classic interpretation of a New Moon is a new start or the initiation of a new phase. This is when CBC actually took action and fired Mr. Ghomeshi. If the Sagittarius Rising chart is correct this would place the transiting Mars in his 12th house for the past few weeks, and the 12th house is secret enemies. Mars here would indicate your hidden enemies are busy.

It will be interesting to watch the developments of his lawsuit as CBC has now become a 7th house entity as an open adversary rather than his employer, ruled by the 10th house.  We hope that Mr.Ghomeshi finds a path to healing and peace.


2 thoughts on “Jian Ghomeshi: In the intense heat of astrological transits.

  1. Well written! Interesting in the media it has been overlooked that CBC held a series of meetings with he and lawyers together on his behalf long before any conclusions were drawn.When they could not continue to employ him he chose not to resign as well as to make a public spectacle of the situation.


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