The Astrology of Relationships: Some Marriages are Made in Heaven


“There is no greater risk than matrimony, but there is nothing happier than a happy marriage.”                                    Benjamin Disraeli

      For years it seemed that everyone in my generation was very curious about and envious of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward and what appeared to be their solid, long standing love affair. What makes these two tick, what was their secret, we wondered? Was it karma or luck, or some unique kind of smarts?

I have some clues. I am an astrologer who specializes in relationships. Not just romantic ones, but I have to admit, most of the inquiries I receive are about love affairs.

Astrologers have found that each relationship has its own unique temperament, character and spiritual challenges, just as each person does.  We can see these unique features of a partnership by creating what is called a “composite horoscope.” This is done by combining the charts of the two who make up the partnership. This chart can tell us much about the dynamics and purpose of the relationship and also when crises in the relationship will occur.

The composite chart of this iconic Hollywood duo displays three of the four stellar aspects that predict great attraction and harmony and not one of the very difficult aspects that create dissonance. To add to this luck, their composite chart is very rare boasting a tight conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Venus, something I have only seen twice in my many years of casting horoscopes. Truly a marriage made in the heavens.

But Newman and Woodward were not the only pair that we obsessed over – remember Liz Taylor and Richard Burton? There was great passion, but it was volatile. And then there was Natalie Wood and Richard Wagner. These two couples divorced and then remarried each other. In both cases there is a difficult conjunction of Mars, the planet of passion, and Uranus, the planet of volatility, creating unpredictable, explosive energy in their composite charts. No surprise for me that they had rocky relationships.

Some relationships can be excellent for business partnerships but less satisfactory for personal relationships.  Some are great for friendship, but not beneficial for a business relationship. A healer, therapist or health practitioner may have just the right energy to assist us, whereas another may simply not be the best choice for us.  Composite charts can reveal these differences. Even without having the exact birth times of the individual persons in the relationship, much can be predicted about the relationships strengths and challenges.  As always, the exact birth data is very helpful, though not necessary.

I cannot predict with 100% accuracy if relationships will endure – that the partners will choose to stay. That depends greatly on the character traits of the individuals involved and their own degree of commitment. After all, some people will meet their challenges and grow and others will not. Some people will remain in very unsatisfying situations because of their own dysfunctional needs, yet others will not. But astrologers can identify what the specific challenges will be, make recommendations about how to ameliorate their effects, and give a likely prognosis to the lasting power of the relationship. Almost all relationship charts display some difficult aspects that manifest as challenges, but if the individuals bring some resolve, intelligence and celestial wisdom to the table, they can often overcome the challenges.


2 thoughts on “The Astrology of Relationships: Some Marriages are Made in Heaven

  1. Hi 🙂 I’m currently studying a composite chart where the Sun is conjunct the Moon and Venus, with oppositions from Mars and Uranus and a square from Saturn. It’s possibly the strangest composite I’ve encountered. The couple were married for ten years and divorced recently. Would you say they will probably remarry?


    • Hello Libra,

      It’s impossible to say for sure if they will remarry, but with such a difficult composite t-square there will always be differences that are difficult to reconcile. I would want to see their natal charts and where to Moon’s Nodes fall in the composite. It is likely better that they move on and find more compatible partners, but sometimes some individuals just can’t completely let go. Water and earth signs tend to hang on to relationships, especially the heavy water sign folks. Fire signs are the most likely to break free when relationships are difficult. Anytime I see the luminaries in a composite in a t-square with outer planets or Saturn, it is an ominous sign.


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